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Los Angeles
Director: Kanishka
Starring: Anjali Patil, Mohak Meet, Priyansh Jora
Run time: 11m
Language: Hindi, English
Year Made: 2022
Country: Globally

Kavita (25) wakes up in her opulent 1 BHK apartment, with all the latest gadgets and electronic systems adorning the plush walls. She opens the door to find a young boy of 18 years standing outside with a plastic bag full of grocery items, he is the delivery boy from a shop nearby. A confused and half sleepy Kavita refuses to take the package as she has not ordered anything. Later she gets to know that it was her boyfriend Aditya who has ordered these items. Having no extra cash at home to pay the delivery boy, she apologizes. The delivery boy leaves, saying that he will try and make the shop owner understand.

Aditya (26) is a happy go lucky, careless young man not willing to share any of the house responsibilities. So much so that even opening the door of the house whenever the bell rings is also Kavita’s duty. On the day of Aditya’s birthday they organise a house party. Kavita feels like she is caged and doesn’t belong here, zoning out quite often in the middle of the conversations.

Next day when the bell rings Kavita is in the shower and Aditya reluctantly has to open the door. We see the same delivery boy standing outside with yet another package from the grocery store. This is the first time he has seen Aditya in this house. On knowing that he lives in this house as well, the delivery boy walks down the staircase sad and in deep thought.

Days later we see Kavita shopping at the grocery store. We get to know that Aditya is out partying with their office friends while Kavita has chosen to stay alone at home. She buys some stuff along with a tub of ice cream. The shopkeeper says that his card machine is not working. Running low on cash, Kavita has to let go of the ice cream tub. She walks home dejected.

At night, when smoking alone sitting at the balcony, the doorbell rings and Kavita opens the door to find no one outside. Irritated, she comes and sits down again at the balcony. We see the delivery boy running down the staircase. Meanwhile Aditya has parked his car and is climbing up the stairs. He sees a tub of ice cream right outside their door, he picks it up and rings the bell.

Director : Kanishka