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The Umesh Chronicles
Date and Time: Sun, Jun 02, 2:30 PM
Location: Theatre 3, Village East by Angelika, New York, NY
Director: Pooja Kaul
Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Aiza Khan, Kriti Pant, Vivek Gomber, Leela Samson, Babil Khan, Zayn Marie Khan, Adil Husain
Run time: 2 hour 10 minutes
Language: English, Hindi, Kashmiri
Year Made: 2024
Country: India

The Umesh Chronicles is a story of growing up in small town India. It enters the inner world of Radha, twelve years old, surrounded by parents and grandparents, and stays with her, with the thoughts and influences, and an emphasis on education which defines her everyday. Encircled by books, music and television, Radha has only passing contact with Sundar, a servant boy about her age, who helps her lead a life of privilege. Sundar runs away, and when she meets him many years later, Radha is forced to consider that he may be more free than she is. In her thirties, in a more modern India, served again-this time by Umesh- she reflects on the meetings and evasions which have affected her life. She thinks of Sundar and seeks him out.

The Umesh Chronicles is a map of the past and a sketch of the future.

Cinematography: Jakob Ihre Editor: Helle le Fevre

Rising Sun Films are Mumbai-based production company known for their path-breaking
work in India with their films Vicky Donor, Pink and Piku.

Director : Pooja Kaul
Pooja Kaul is a writer and director whose work explores urban life. Her films Rasikan Re (O Lover of Life, 33 mins, Hindi and English) and Winter Trail ( 11 min) have been seen at festivals and art galleries worldwide. Her work examines contemporary Indian society in the light of its richly developed past, finding parallel textures and sensibilities, forging connections between past and the present.