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Tasher Ghawr (House of Cards)
Date and Time: Fri, Jun 04, June 4 - 20, 2021
Director: Sudipto Roy
Starring: Swastika Mukherjee
Run time: 00:46:52
Language: Bengali [English subtitled]
Year Made: 2020
Country: India
With: Global

Tasher Ghawr revolves around the life of Sujata, a simple housewife stuck with her husband during the lockdown. This is the story of her world her home and her search, for her "self". Will she be able to find what she is looking for?

Director : Sudipto Roy
Writer, Journalist, and independent filmmaker, Sudipto Roy developed a keen passion for filmmaking that is hard to leave. He aspires to profess and practice visual storytelling with an amicable blend of fiction, non-fiction, mainstream, and arthouse content. Roy's debut feature film, Kia and Cosmos was released in 2019 in India, the USA, GCC countries and later released on Netflix. The film garnered prominent international acclaim from festivals in Cannes, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Glasgow, New York and got featured in national as well as international cine magazines. Roy's recent works include the web film The Cabin Guard, streaming on Hoichoi, MX Player, Airtel Digital, and Vodafone Play. Other featurettes such as Tasher Ghawr and a part of an anthology, Paanchphoron Season 2, and named as Afternoon Audition are also streaming on Hoichoi, MX Player, Airtel Digital, Vodafone Play.