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Los Angeles
Director: Anusha Rao
Starring: Kumari, Narsiah, Lakshmi
Run time: 29m
Language: Telugu
Year Made: 2022
Country: Globally

Swarna is based in a rural South Indian village which revolves around the family of Ramesh, a convicted rapist who is sentenced to life imprisonment. It shows how the family deals with being ostracized in addition to COVID 19’s isolation that forces them to confront their shame and trauma. The father is ashamed, the mother is in denial and the wife has despairingly accepted the evil side of her husband. An unexpected call is received informing the family that Ramesh contracted COVID and has passed away. The story expands on the family mourning as they were unable to visit him in his last moments being in lockdown. The helpless wife confesses to her in-laws that she was also a victim who was raped by Ramesh in school and later was forced to marry him due to the shame her father faced. This results in finding closure for herself.

Director : Anusha Rao