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Saudi Vellakka
Date and Time: Sat, May 13, 12:00 PM
Location: Theatre 5, Village East by Angelika, New York, NY
Director: Tharun Moorthy
Starring: Lukman Avaran, Binu Pappu
Run time: 2 hour 14 minutes
Language: Malayalam, with English subtitles
Year Made: 2022
Country: India

The film begins with the journey of a summons warrant for Abhilash Sasidharan through the local policemen regarding a long pending case at the court. 23 year old Abhilash /Kunjumon is in the shock by summons as his dreams of acquiring a Gulf visa will be at stake if he becomes a part of the tiring court procedures.Desperate Abhilash decides to find the truth about the case he involved in.The real issue behind the case occurs at the place called Saudi, in a Ernakulam where a small conflict between two neighbors Aisha Rawther and Radhakrishnan Nair snowballs into a bigger issue that changes the lives of everyone involved.

Director : Tharun Moorthy
Tharun Moorthy is a talented Indian film director and screenwriter known for his work in Malayalam Cinema. He made his directorial debut with Operation Java, which was well-received by audiences despite being released during the Covid pandemic. Moorthy's background in theatre and Kathakali productions, as well as his experience creating advertisement films, helped him develop his skills as a "self-taught" director. His second film, Saudi Vellakka, was selected for the Indian Panorama at the 2022 International Film Festival of India (IFFI) and was nominated for the IFFI ICFT UNESCO Gandhi Medal. Moorthy aims to entertain his audiences while also addressing important social issues in his films.