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Los Angeles
Date and Time: Fri, May 12, 9:30 PM
Location: Theatre 2, Village East by Angelika, New York, NY
Director: Jayesh Jaidka
Starring: Manasvi Sharma, Manik Singh Anand, Jayesh Jaidka, Natalie Nielson - Ruiz, Rachel Robyn Wagner
Run time: 22 minutes, 9 seconds
Language: Hindi, English
Year Made: 2022
Country: India
With: Opium (75 mins) and My Fathers Doctor (18 mins)

Originally hailing from Amritsar, Punjab, a young and naive Indian marital rape victim, Preet takes the advice of her childhood friend, Jugal, and moves to the city of dreams, New York City after running away from her abusive marriage. With a preconceived notion that the United States will treat her differently, Preet soon realizes that the male gaze and the trauma from her marriage still surround her. This short film aims to dive deep into the mind of Preet Kaur Sethi and magnifies every such instance that triggers Preet's anxiety, thereby shedding light onto the psychological and mental damage from domestic violence, the universal nature of patriarchy, and the deconstruction of the irrelevant male perspective on such issues. This short film also aims to act as a proof of concept for the fully scripted feature film and introduces two more characters of the feature film, Joyce, a flower store attendant and Ashleigh, a local drug dealer, both of whom have an extremely important part to play in the short film.

Director : Jayesh Jaidka
A Telly Award Winner and an alumni of Gotham Film and Television Institute's episodic lab and NYFTDI mentorship program, Jayesh is currently leading his production company, The PillowTalk Productions with his projects having garnered 18+ awards and had 50+ film festival screenings with distribution deals with streaming networks like Disney+ Hotstar,, MX Player, etc. With clients ranging from Civil Society organizations like UNICEF NY, UNICEF Rwanda, premiere universities like School Of Visual Arts, New York Film Academy ; all the way to multiple conglomerate giants like Apple, Jayesh aims to generate a global name in the media industry by providing quality services in end to end production of narrative long and short form content, documentaries,  advertisements, music videos, Trailers and AV promos, and high quality development services. Jaidka's TV show, Highbread is in development after having successful pitch meets with studios and companies to the likes of Warner Bros. Television, AMC Networks, Sundance TV, Sony International and production companies like Gunpowder & Sky, Anonymous Content and Topic studios, to name a few. Simultaneously, Jaidka has finished the proof of concept for his first directorial feature film, Preet, getting traction from all over the world with having pitch meets for the feature film for which he aims to build a unique film production model to form an alliance between the United States and India.