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Los Angeles
Man & Wife
Director: Aakash Chhabra
Starring: Atif Ally Dagman, Kankana Chakraborty
Run time: 9m
Language: Bengali, English
Year Made: 2022
Country: Globally

The broader gamut of queerness is always wider and sentimental in its terms. Man & wife portrays how patriarchy plays an innate part in influencing each gender role from a dedicated patriarch perspective.

Sohan (29), the groom, wishes to wear Benarasi saree, a traditional bridal wear, on his wedding day. Wearing sarees, that`s how he expresses himself most in his skin. On the wedding day, he calls his would-be wife, Nandini (28), dressed closeted inside the bathroom to show her something that may change her will to marry the man their parents have decided for her.

Director : Aakash Chhabra