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Los Angeles
Date and Time: Sat, Jun 01, 3:00 PM
Location: Theatre 2, Village East by Angelika, New York, NY
Director: Chanakya Vyas
Starring: Avani Vamshaja ,Virginia Rodrigues
Run time: 14 minutes 22 seconds
Language: English, Kannada
Year Made: 2023
Country: India

Struggling to find a place to pee, a domestic helper working in an apartment building decides to secretly use the toilet in the house where she works, leading to the breaking of unsaid norms between her and the employer


Director : Chanakya Vyas
Chanakya Vyas is a playwright, theatre maker, educator, and filmmaker. He was the Artistic Director of Indian Ensemble from 2018-22. His awards include the first runner-up at the Sultan Padamsee Playwriting Award (2010) and the Charles Wallace India Trust Award (2014) to study Devised Theatre and Performance at the London International School of Performing Arts, UK. He has received grants from the India Foundation for the Arts and Science Gallery in Bengaluru.