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Los Angeles
Keep Punching
Director: Faraz Ahsan
Starring: Samridhi Dewan, Aastha Arora, Kunj Anand, Alka Chatwal, Shubham Pamecha, Richa Shukla, Munish Dev Mohan, Gaurav Sharma, Sparsh Agarwal
Run time: 25m
Language: Hindi, English
Year Made: 2021
Country: USA and Canada only

The film takes us to a crucial period in the life of Kirnay, a closeted lesbian boxer from a small Himalayan town, who at the age of thirty wins her first state championship and inches closer to her dream of representing the country. But celebrations don’t last long as Kirnay’s mother, indifferent of her daughter’s ambitions is adamant on getting her married. Torn between family and love, Kirnay must win the fight outside the ring before conquering her dreams inside it.!

Director : Faraz Ahsan