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Los Angeles
Date and Time: Sat, May 13, 3:30 PM
Director: Nishanth Gurumurthy
Starring: Gopi Sanna Siddi
Run time: 14 mins
Language: Kannada , with English subtitles
Year Made: 2022
Country: India

Gopi Siddi is a middle-aged storyteller who identifies herself with the Siddi community (African Diaspora in South India). Inspired by the oral form of storytelling, Gopi desires to get her stories self published; however, she must first face her battles with alienation, social standing, and environmental catastrophe

Director : Nishanth Gurumurthy
Nishanth Gurumurthy is a writer & Director based in Bangalore, India. He studied film Direction & Screenwriting from Newport Film School, Wales, United Kingdom and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication from Bangalore University. For the last 7 years, he has worked as a Creative Director and as a director on Commercials and Brand films for National and International brands. The short film 'Gopi' will be his debut as a Writer/Director.