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Los Angeles
Gandhi & Co
Director: Manish Saini
Starring: Darshan Jariwala, Jayesh More, Dhurma Mehta, Reyaan Shah, Hiranya Zinzuwadia
Run time: 1h 41m
Language: Gujarati
Year Made: 2022
Country: USA only

Mintoo & Mitra (Both 11 Year Old) are know for two things, firstly their collective potential towards mischief and secondly for their legendary friendship with Bharat Bhai. The boys are clever but scrupulous and our old man is an embodiment of all the teachings of Gandhi.

An unexpected happening corners Mintoo ( a Superhero Jango fan) into proclaiming Mahatma Gandhi as his role model. Mintoo soon starts mimicking Gandhi’s behavior but he is nowhere close to imbibing Gandhi’s values. His deceiving ways are fetching him rewards but little does he know how these ways are pushing him into troubled waters.

Bharat Bhai takes it upon himself to teach the unprincipled boys a valuable lesson in honesty & harmony. Can these contrasting personalities work towards complimenting each other? How will Bharat Bhai catalyst this change? As he rolls up his sleeves to watch events unfold all he can hear is the voice of Gandhi saying “In a gentle way you can shake the world”.

Director : Manish Saini