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Los Angeles
Dear Latika
Date and Time: Sat, Jun 01, 12:00 PM
Location: Theatre 2, Village East by Angelika, New York, NY
Director: Kanchan Pant
Starring: Palvi Jaswal, Manish Dimri, Sonal Jha, Naresh Bisht
Run time: 1 Hour 44 minutes
Language: Hindi
Year Made: 2023
Country: India

The narrative revolves around Latika, a simple, optimistic young woman. She represents one of the countless girls whose societal norms forbid them from experiencing love, intimacy, or friendship with a man before marriage. Strangely, these same girls are expected to effortlessly transform into an experienced wife the day they get married. Mayank resides as a tenant in Latika's house, where their paths cross. She befriends Mayank, who harbors bitterness from a troubled past. Mayank finds solace and validation in Latika’s company, ultimately falling in love with her. Nonetheless, Latika's mother, burdened by her own grievances and the weight of countless responsibilities, arranges her daughter's marriage to a wealthy suitor. Latika appears to be happy in her newfound affluence, but the facade shatters when Mayank uncovers the truth about her happiness. Betrayed and disappointed by her own people, Latika strives to regain her footing. Amidst the turmoil, Latika finds herself entangled in the schemes of those around her. Her husband clings to her out of wounded pride, while her mother is consumed by fear of societal judgment, feigning an optimistic outlook that events will miraculously resolve 

Director : Kanchan Pant
A journalist, a writer, a director, an entrepreneur, and a dreamer- Kanchan embarked on her professional journey as a journalist with NDTV in the year 2006. Transitioning into the realm of writing in early 2012. With one feature film, one short film, over 300 stories, 2 published books, and a documentary series on her name, Kanchan has carved her own niche. She has been the creative head of India’s most popular storytelling show ‘Yaadon ka Idiot Box’ (Big FM), Kahani Express (Saavn), and Quisson ka Kona (Red FM). Through her dedicated work on audio-based content, she has created numerous award-winning shows and campaigns. In her capacity as a mentor, Kanchan has nurtured the talents of over a hundred writers, both collectively for projects like 'Yaadon ka Idiot Box,' Spotify, and Big FM, as well as on an individual basis. In a pivotal shift in 2021, Kanchan's trajectory took a leap as she ventured into film writing and directing, with a film she had penned. Titled 'Dear Latika,' which premiered in MAMI Mumbai Film Festival 2023. Dear Latika was selected as 'NFDC Recommends' at the prestigious NFDC Film Bazaar in 2022 and will be screened in the Thrissur International Film Festival, and Imagine India Madrid Film Festival this year. In addition to 'Dear Latika,' she has also written a short film titled 'Shikayat,' available for viewing on Disney+ Hotstar.