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Los Angeles
Date and Time: Sat, Jun 01, 3:30 PM
Location: Theatre 4, Village East by Angelika, New York, NY
Director: Vishal Mourya and Debiprasad Lenka
Starring: Babushaan Mohanty
Run time: 2 Hours
Language: Odia
Year Made: 2022
Country: India

Siddharth's journey is a nightmarish trek, navigating patchy roads, reservoirs by boat, and long walks. Frustrated and fatigued, he encounters Ravi, a pharmacist at the hospital. After a harrowing night in a haunted quarter, Siddharth plans to leave but is implored by a local tribe man to save his daughter. This event propels Siddharth into the interior villages, discovering rampant Malaria and fake treatments by local doctors. Disturbed, he demands better healthcare, prompting a solo mission to treat all 151 villages. Facing a Naxal encounter, Siddharth is compelled to aid a Naxal's wife in labor, defying community fears.
The subsequent apology from villagers renews Siddharth's resolve. Realizing mosquitoes are the root cause of illnesses, he introduces LLIN nets but faces setbacks when people don't use them. To address this, he devises DAMaN—a program endorsed by the Collector—which involves cross-departmental checks on net usage. The result is a drastic reduction in Malaria cases, making Malkangiri a global role model. As Siddharth's rural service concludes, he leaves the village as a hero, having transformed healthcare, conquered challenges, and pioneered innovative solutions.

Director : Vishal Mourya and Debiprasad Lenka
Vishal Mourya and Debiprasad Lenka, a dynamic duo in the realm of Indian filmmaking,collectively weave stories that resonate with both regional and global audiences. Vishal, born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, ventured into cinema with his acclaimed debut feature, "B for Bundelkhand" in 2017, garnering accolades in international film festivals. His prowess extends beyond Hindi cinema, encompassing the Odia film industry with hits like "Biju Babu" in 2019, showcasing his versatility as a director, producer, and screenwriter. Debiprasad Lenka, a passionate filmmaker from Cuttack, Odisha, forged his cinematic path through the Biju Pattanaik Film Institute in 2001. Collaborating with Vishal, he brings a rich background in various roles, including Assistant Director and Editor for eminent production houses like UTV and Zee Entertainment Limited. His directorial ventures, such as "Maru Mallhara" and "Say No To Polythene," delve into legal issues and environmental concerns, emphasizing his commitment to storytelling with a purpose. Together, this dynamic duo shares directorial credits for impactful projects like the "Men’s Hockey World Cup 2018" TVC and government songs like "Mission Shakti Anthem" and "Basudha Song," earning recognition from both the Odisha government and the Odia community. Currently, their Odia film "DAMaN” released in 2022. Vishal Mourya and Debiprasad Lenka embody a harmonious blend of artistic vision, social awareness, and storytelling finesse, making their collaborative journey a compelling chapter in the tapestry of Indian cinema.