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All shorts are available for the entire duration of the film festival.
At The Altar Of India's Freedom - INA Veterans of Malaysia
Director: Choodie Shivaram
Starring: INA Veterans of Malaysia
Run time: 00:29:57
Language: English
Year Made: 2018
Country: Malaysia
Director: C├ęcile Embleton
Starring: Baluji Shrivastav, Linda Shanson
Run time: 00:21:57
Language: English and Hindi (with subtitles)
Year Made: 2020
Country: UK, India
Director: Rippin Sindher
Starring: Rippin Sindher
Run time: 00:15:46
Language: English (with Subtitle)
Year Made: 2019
Country: United States
The Hero Within
Director: Stanley Hector
Starring: Indra Adiwal Shyamalal
Run time: 00:06:53
Language: Hindi (with Subtitles)
Year Made: 2021
Country: India
What's Your Story
Director: O P Srivastava
Starring: O P Srivastava
Run time: 00:50:47
Language: English (with Subtitle)
Year Made: 2020
Country: India