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Show Time: June 4 - 20, 2021
Director: Trushant Ingle
Starring: Narayan Rao, Dinkar Gawande, Deepak Kale, Ajit Khobragade, Poonam Ashwini Ladekar, Raja Kajal Rangari, Aman Anil Uttalwar, Rajni Asawari Naidu
Run time: 94 mins 31 secs
Language: Marathi (Varadi)
Year Made: 2018
Country: India (Maharashtra)
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In Vidarbha, the eastern region of Maharashtra, the period between Diwali and Holi is when farmers retire from the fields and seek entertainment and recreation. The tradition of zhaadi-patti theatre, referred to as Zollywood, takes over - a multi-crore industry that seemingly springs up overnight, with daily performances till the arrival of spring. We get a look into this world through the eyes of a group of enterprising people in the sleepy hamlet of Vadsa over three years in the early 2000s. Raja and Deepak are two such dreamers, who run a 'press' (production company) together. However, Raja’s dalliances with one of his actresses at the expense of their work leads Deepak and veteran zhaadi-patti actor, Narayan Rao, to part ways with him and form their own press. As time passes, fortunes swing and lives change, both for better and for worse, but the show never stops for these zhaadi-patti artists.

Director : Trushant Ingle
Trushant Ingle was born and brought up in Nagpur and grew up as a child artist in the performances of zhaadi-patti, a rural, folk theatre tradition in the Vidarbha region of Maharashtra, India. He had a very clear goal of making a career in the film industry and his journey has brought him to Mumbai from Nagpur at the age of 16. Since then he has climbed his steps from being an actor to casting to writing and directing films.